Moving Out

Getting rid of everything was easy. Actually leaving was harder than I expected.

Over the past three months, we've been selling and donating things we no longer needed or used. Some of the items were easy to part with. Others had more sentimental value. Asking our kids to part with items they still played with was the hardest. But life is all about compromise. We came to an agreement that allowed all of us to put our most treasured items in the storage unit.

In the end, moving out of the house took more time and more space than we expected. Two storage units and one closing later, we're out.

Goodbye house. We'll miss you.

The dogs are staying with my Dad on his farm. It was a huge ask and I'm grateful that he and Melinda were even willing to consider it. Dropping them off was the hardest part. They nervously explored all around. Sasha quickly found the cool areas to lie down and Dusty was excited to run around. When we climbed in the van without them they knew something was not normal.

After those busy last days at the house, we met the new owners Monday morning at the closing. Dozens of signatures and a few handshakes later, we were off to South Carolina for the week. Visiting family and catching up.

It was week one of being "homeless." What a strange feeling.