One Year Away

One Year Away

TL;DR: My family and I are selling all of our stuff to travel for a year.

Sometime last year, Katharine and I started talking about full time travel. We both love to explore new places and see new things. We watch Kara and Nate videos and wonder what it might be like to be full-time travelers. (If you're going to watch them, I recommend this playlist from the beginning). I tossed around the idea of selling our stuff and hitting the road with the kids for a year.

Now, my wife is normally the sane one who brings me back to Earth when it comes to crazy ideas like this. Not this time! Katharine got excited as well, so we're currently in the process of downsizing everything, prepping the house for sale, and planning our escape.

Since we get a lot of questions, I'll attempt to summarize the common ones here. I'll add to it as we hear more.

Where are planning to visit?

Anywhere? We don't have an itinerary. We'll move when we feel like something new. We'll stay if we like where we are. We've all identified some places we'd like to see or experience. So far, that list includes:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Egypt
  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Morocco

Where are you heading first?

Europe. Wherever the cheapest flight from Cincinnati takes us!

You're selling your house?

Yes, we're selling our house and (almost) everything inside. We'll be keeping a few pieces of furniture, mementos, etc. We'll put those in storage.

Where will you live when you are done?

We're not exactly sure yet. I love the Cincinnati area but we've been here for ten years. That's the longest I've stayed anywhere in my adult life. My wife is from South Carolina. We'll probably go there.

Where will you stay on the trip?

AirBnBs, occasionally hotels, with friends. Mostly AirBnb though.

Are you just going to buy an RV?

No. We're not staying in the US.

Will Chris and Katharine work?

Yes. Known Decimal is embracing a remote friendly environment. We're pretty much all distributed anyway as the team is in multiple cities. Clients are all over as well.

I'll work in coffee shops, coworking spaces, an office (if our airbnbs have them), visit friends, etc. All I need is my MacBook Pro and an internet connection.

Katharine has been a travel agent for a couple years now. She'll still be booking Disney trips, cruises,  and other destinations. I'm sure we'll find some new and exciting destinations for you to visit!

What about school for the kids?

We're going to homeschool them for the year. Katharine has saved workbooks and curriculum from our oldest, so we'll reuse much of that. We've also found some great online content we'll use to augment.

Oh, and of course we'll be learning lots about geography and world language along the way :)

Can we come visit?

Yes! That would be awesome.

Can we follow along?

Yes. We'll post updates on a blog. We might also dabble with video/YouTube.