Week 4: Germany

Sunday Our first Ryanair experience was a success. I upgraded our tickets to the Family Plus package which scored us two 20kg checked bags and assigned seats. You have to print your boarding

Week 3: Ireland

Ireland is a bit of a blur. Jetlag caught up with everyone on day two. Monday After the kids' first Transatlantic flight everyone was wide awake. That didn't last long. We picked up

Moving Out

Getting rid of everything was easy. Actually leaving was harder than I expected. Over the past three months, we've been selling and donating things we no longer needed or used. Some of the

One Year Away

My family and I are traveling full time for a year. I attempt to answer all of your questions here.


It's Sunday morning. I'm sitting on the couch and drinking coffee. I'm also Googling CrossFit intro videos and looking a "boxes" near my office. That's what they call them. They're not gyms, they're