Santarém, Portugal

Last week in Portugal. We'll visit Lisbon, Nazaré, and Santarém. Thursday, June 23: Albufeira to Santarém Another short drive today. This one was about three hours. We left the south of Portugal and

Week 15: England

This week was awesome. We had no car, went no where exciting, and we're in a great house. It was the closest thing we've had to normal since before we decided to sell

Week 14: England

It's Oliver's birthday this week. Happy 8th birthday! 🎂 Sunday We loaded up and left Belle Grove around noon. Driving took a couple hours. We drove across the Dartford Crossing on the way. It's

Week 13: England

We moved to the East Coast this week to visit some old friends. James' family runs an amazing little retreat called Belle Grove Barns []. It's full of character and

Week 12: England

We're packing up and leaving Scotland behind on Sunday morning. We're off to England for the rest of this leg of the trip. Sunday We loaded the car for what seems like the