Week 9: France

Sunday Let's go to France! We crossed the border in a little town called Charriére. Hardly even a sign letting you know that you were in another country. Today was another driving day

Week 8: The Netherlands, Belgium

Sunday We're staying in a "campground" in Voorthuizen. Camping in The Netherlands isn't at all like camping anywhere else. Our place is a small chalet on a pond. There's a pool, a cafe,

Week 6: Germany

Our last week in Hannover. We leave for Berlin on Saturday. Sunday We rented a car and had our first Autobahn experience. I didn't realize we were on one at first. Then a

Week 5: Germany

We're still in Hannover. We've got one more week here after this. I had a business meeting in Toronto on Thursday and Friday so Katharine and the kids were solo in Hannover most